Strategies for Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice into Personal Practice

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Strategies for Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice into Personal Practice

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Propose strategies for incorporating evidence-based practice into personal practice.
Read and answer each question with at least 150 words per answer. each answer should have 2 references
Assessment Description
For professional writing in nursing and health care, the APA style is expected. It is also expected for the remainder of your graduate program and in doctoral programs for nursing. Discuss what you have learned, or how you have improved, by completing the “APA Writing Checklist” and from receiving feedback from your instructors. What aspects of APA do you still struggle with? In your response to peers, provide a resource from the Student Success Center (or in addition to something in the Student Success Center) or a suggestion for an area in which someone still struggles.
Assessment Description
The evidence-based practice (EBP) process is a powerful way of advancing improvements in health care. Identify three strategies that you will now incorporate into your practice based on this course. Explain your rationale.


My comprehension and use of the APA style have been greatly enhanced by completing the APA Writing Checklist and getting instructor comments. This procedure taught me how important it is to properly credit sources, use appropriate headers and subheadings, and follow the formatting conventions. In addition, I became better at employing academic terminology in writing while being clear and succinct.

I still have trouble with several APA style requirements, though, like correctly formatting tables and figures and citing sources with numerous authors. The APA Manual and the APA tools from the Student Success Center, which give clear and succinct explanations of the numerous APA norms and guidelines, have both proven to be helpful resources for overcoming these difficulties.

I advise my peers who have trouble using APA style to use the “APA Style Central” service offered by the Student Success Center. This program offers users step-by-step instructions on how to structure papers and cite sources in APA style, as well as practical examples and templates.

American Psychological Association, 2019 (References). the seventh edition of the American Psychological Association’s publication handbook.
(2021) Grand Canyon University. APA writing style guide.

Inquiry 2:

EBP, or evidence-based practice, is a potent method that can be applied to promote healthcare advancements. I have learned three techniques from this training that I will apply in my practice:

Conducting a systematic review of the available evidence is one of the fundamental elements of EBP. I’ll apply this tactic by methodically going over the available data before making any clinical judgments or alterations to my practice. This will guarantee that I base my choices on the most reliable information available and raise the standard of care I offer my patients.

Implementation Science: The study of techniques and tactics for fostering the adoption and integration of evidence-based practices into healthcare settings is known as implementation science. When implementing new practices or interventions in my clinical context, I will use evidence-based implementation strategies to adopt this strategy. This will raise the chances of implementation success and raise the standard of care I offer my patients.

Collaborative Practice: Collaborative practice entails collaborating with other medical specialists to accomplish shared objectives and enhance patient results. By working with other healthcare professionals to find and use evidence-based methods in our clinical setting, I will include this technique. As a result, our clinical setting will foster a culture of continuous improvement, and the quality of care we deliver to our patients will increase.

By implementing these techniques into my clinic, I will raise the standard of patient care, encourage a culture of continuous improvement, and ultimately help my patients achieve better health outcomes.

References: Fineout-Overholt, E.; Melnyk, B. M. (2019). The fourth edition of the book Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice.
M. G. Titler (2018). applying science to the delivery of high-quality healthcare. 33(2), 93–95; Journal of Nursing Care Quality.



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