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1. You need to visit at least two different links (some are websites, some are videos) and write a post providing a brief summary of each link. 2. Then provide an analysis where you compare and contrast the ways these two sites approach slavery, the white owners, and if they address issues of race or…
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When writing an essay you want to make sure you have a strong thesis statement, a good introduction, as well as a conclusion; and plenty of evidence to back up and prove your points.

* I can screenshot information from the text book* In the decades following the War of Independence, many Americans, in both the North and the South, assumed that slavery in the United States would slowly die out. It was already clear that slavery was becoming economically less viable parts of the South, and that trend…
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When it came to working for the british army, lord dunmore’s 1775 proclamation in virgina, granted freedom after the war to the slaves of patriot masters if they deserted them and worked for the british.

Optional Extra Credit: Black Loyalists During the American Revolution Blacks served on both sides of the conflict. When it came to working for the British army, Lord Dunmore’s 1775 proclamation in Virgina, granted freedom after the war to the slaves of Patriot masters if they deserted them and worked for the British. Two years later,…
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When sharing your examples, explain what you found interesting, fascinating, possibly disturbing (there are some racist images from the era, and how those images were refuted), or maybe what you would like to know more about?

Our Discussion Board this week is focusing on the significance of Free Black communities in the early republic. As Chapter Five points out, after the Revolution, we witness the emergence of a a large free black class in Northern cities and in the Upper South urban areas as well. For our discussion, please go to…
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What does it mean to have half of an entire population eliminated and wiped out?

In a research paper proposal, students write a paragraph telling me not only the topic they are interested in researching but also what questions and information they are hoping to find answers to while doing their research. A research proposal helps students start to narrow their thinking down and strategize their approach to researching their…
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Remember to answer everything the questions ask of you.

All homework must be double-spaced and proofread. Spelling, grammar, and syntax count and will affect your overall grade. Remember to answer everything the questions ask of you. No late homework is accepted. 1. How did the Enlightenment affect African Americans during the revolutionary era? 2. What was the relationship between the American Revolution and black…
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