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You have been charged to develop a graphic image to share with potential investors to obtain funds for your expansion. Be mindful of your audience and ensure the clarity of information within the image can be easily understood. Remember, the way you present your information reflects how your organization is perceived. The outcome of this…
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You will provide a definition of the key term and a summary of the selected article related to the key term.

Select a key term from the key terms page located in the chapters in the Learn section. Key Term Selected: Trade Deficit Definition: A trade deficit occurs when a country is importing more than it is exporting. Do research on the key term and find an article that relates to the key term. You will…
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Multinational Corporations as a driving force for globalization and the impact they have economically, socially, politically, and culturally. a. Conduct an Internet search and list 5 top ranking global companies that promote a spiritual and biblical proponent within their business operations. b. Provide a brief overview of the main business activities of each company. c.…
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