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A measurable way to know if you have met that goal could be to have a formal memorandum of understanding (mou) in place to coordinate referrals with the dol and then track the percentage of program participants that were referred by the dol.

Page 1- Determining the Mission Research human services agencies that exist in your community. Discuss a major service gap in your community where there seems to be little or no resources available. Create a mission statement for a new agency that would seek to address this issue in the community. Refer back to text page…
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Effectively managing and leading human service organizations.

Brody explains that individuals may have their own predispositions toward one or more leadership style. Self-Awareness: 1. Which type(s) of leadership are you most inclined to use or which do you most often use in a current leadership role? You can use work, family, friends, community groups, recreational teams, etc. to respond. If you are…
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Manager- “does things right,” maintains the status quo, has a short-range perspective, and focuses on structures and systems.

Do you agree or disagree with the contrast drawn by Brody of a manger versus a leader? Please either agree and add or explain why you disagree. Leader- innovator, has a long-range perspective, challenges the status quo, and “does the right thing.” Manager- “Does things right,” maintains the status quo, has a short-range perspective, and…
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Based on the description found on page 26 along with the guidelines found on page 27, what do you think is a benefit of the model and what do you think is a negative attribute of the model?

1. Read the Personal Note story on page 7 in the textbook. Explain what narrative counseling and/or narrative repair is and how it played a benefit for the the client, “Pat.” 2. Review the 14 counselor qualities listed on pages 9-11. Choose one that stands out to you and describe why you think it is…
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