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How would you define this concept in your own words?

This discussion post has two segments:1. Writing PromptWrite a brief (200-300 words, 2 paragraphs) reflection on the following prompt.Consider the “banking method” that Paulo Freire refers to. How would you define this concept in your own words? In what ways do we see the “banking method” being used by teachers in the music classroom? Reflecting…
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Analysis 1500 words

This needs to be laid out as a workbook, I have added a template. I’m in my 3rd year and needs to be of a very high standard. LO 1 Critically analyse key issues and debates in contemporary education (0-11) that influence implementing a practice change in the placement setting. LO 2 Examine how the…
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• working title – what is your proposition?

Presentation For English, Teaching Phonics at Primary level. (Masters Level): -I require a PowerPoint presentation and correlating speech for each slide. (PDF format) -I require a small synopsis (500 words) explaining the stance. (Word format) Presentation, Powerpoint Information: • Present and justify a chosen position on a subject issue based on the research findings from…
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