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5.modify your “join mailing list” page to use php to insert contact information into the sql database.

Reuse your website you created in Phase 1 and 2 and create or update the following web pages and database tables: 1.Create two database tables for storing the categories and details for the books. 2. Modify your “Create” page to use PHP to insert new books into the SQL database. 3. Create a new “Books”…
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Your memo should include specific information on how the components (e.g., funding, regulations, standards) of the proposed policy target the causes of the public health issue.

You are a staffer for a state or U.S. representative (you decide at what level; you must identify the title of the elected official at the top of your submitted memo) and your boss – the elected official – has decided that they would like to develop a piece of legislation to address a public…
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