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Consider the lay out of the city, the width of streets, public works projects, infrastructure, benches, architecture, design, laws, ordinances, as well as monuments, graffiti and tagging as sources of conflict and struggle in the city.

Time:to complete and submit the mid-term. This is a hard deadline. Format: The mid-term is typed and double spaced. Make sure to save it as a word file and don’t forget to convert it to PDF before you submit to avoid any formatting issues. The font is up to you, though Times New Roman is…
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What design issues do you think are causing this place to be unsafe?

Homework : Overview of your final project location that answers the following: 1. Describe the location you have chosen and a couple of sentences about why. 2. Include a map showing the location zoomed in to the level which includes aspects related to safety. 3. What types of crimes/quality of life issues do you believe…
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Please follow the full Instructions that are in the prompt provided in additional materials. You can use the whole material of “Ganz Organizing Notes” but for “Organizing for Social Change Midwest Academy Manual for Activists” please use chapter 2 but if you feel that chapter 2 is uneasy to connect to Ganz Organizing Notes then…
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